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Empowering Entrepreneurs:

The world over, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are recognized as a dynamic sector and credited with the creation of over 80 percent of total employment. In India, SMEs have created 480 million jobs while the organized sector has created 29 million jobs. This vital sector embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and is represented by the All India Association of Industries(AIAI), its core mission being ‘building bridges of prosperity through industry’

Established in 1956 in Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country by Shri Babubhai M. Chinai, M.P. The AIAI has over 1500 members and through its affiliates it represents over 50,000 industries. Nearly 70 percent of its members are from the SME sector. With sweeping changes brought about by rapid globalization, mergers and takeovers having become the order of the day, with new challenges for industry to a large extent AIAI meets the requirement of SMEs in this process.

Core Functions:

The AIAI acts as a catalyst for industrial growth and investment promotion. It represents its members effectively on various national and regional level panels and also with financial institutions on economic, trade and fiscal issues.

Our activities includes organizing seminars, workshops, trade fairs, business meetings, trade delegations, economic and business forum to provide information and promote domestic and international trade, investment and technology transfers through networking.

The AIAI also has  the privilege to host business meetings with International dignitaries, Senior Government Officials, acclaimed economists, bankers and high ranking business delegations from overseas and have also led delegations for market surveys and trade and investment promotions to various countries.

AIAI has signed over 305 agreements for co-operation with International Trade Promotion bodies and Chambers of Commerce from over 50 countries. This highlights our mission to promote international trade, enhance exchange of trade related information and trade delegations, foster joint ventures and technological alliances and thus contribute towards the process of globalization.

The Association constantly endeavours to promote large, medium and small scale industries involved in almost all major manufacturing and service sectors like engineering, textiles, chemicals, education, hospitality, health, IT, pharmaceuticals, metals, rubber, sugar, plastics and paper.

AIAI organizes various international business and trade related events which are held annually. Some of them are Technology and ITM Expo, International events such as Global Vendor programme, China Product Fair and Expo, Indfair, Autofair ,Marine exhibitions, and the annual flagship event Global Economic Summit(www.globalsummit2013.com).

AIAI initiated the Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (YES) in 2001 to promote and groom young individuals with entrepreneurial drive. It has instituted the Young Entrepreneurs’ Achievement Awards for budding business people across various industries.

AIAI is associated with the Indian Council of Foreign Trade to explore overseas markets for products of Indian origin. With Poland being strategically located in Europe, the Association also initiated the Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce to facilitate bilateral trade, investment, joint venture, technology transfer and related international exchanges between India and the EU.

AIAI has also established the Russia India Trade House Mumbai in association with the World Trade Centre, Mumbai and with the support of the Consulate General & the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

AIAI is affiliated to UNCTAD and represents the WTO ministerial meeting in Singapore, Geneva, Seattle and Oman. It participates in the WTO Annual Public Forum Meetings held every September in Geneva.

AIAI also represents employees at ILO Geneva as an advisor and is a part  of the Government of India delegation.

Policy Information:

The Government frequently seeks its views on Free Trade Agreements, labour law reforms, FDI flows into domestic industrial sector and also on fiscal and monetary measurea. AIAI aims to not only provide a platform for development to the SME sector, but to also participate in proactive decision making to accelerate growth and help members surmount obstacles to doing business.

AIAI nominees find place in government and semi-government panels and other policy making bodies. AIAI is represented on various Advisory Committees of the Government, Reserve Bank of India, SIDBI and JNPT.

Supplementary Functions:

AIAI has published books and papers on important issues like ‘Prospects and Problems of Small Scale Industries and WTO: impact on Indian Business and the ‘Indian Economic Miracle’. The quarterly AIAI News features activities of the Association and articles on topical issues that offer vital information to industry watchers and players alike.

In addition, the AIAI has also initiated a business portal BIZBOARD to effectively connect the members of the affiliated association in India and abroad. As part of its corporate social responsibility. AIAI has adopted the Mumbai Port Trusts’ Sagar Upvan, a 14 acre botanical garden to give the city of Mumbai a public space that improves the lives of its citizens and also contributes to environmental equity. The AIAI has also published a handbook on cluster development.

Through the ages:

The list of AIAI’s past Presidents reads like the Who’s Who of Industry and business and comprises people who made Mumbai the prosperous business capital it is today. Founder President Mr. Babubhai Chinai, MP, Mr. Pravinchandra V. Gandhi, Mr. Jayantilal Mehta, Mr. Madhav Gandhi, Mr. Prem Chand Jain, Mr. Harish Mahindra, Mr. Jayant S. Dalal, Mr. G. N. Somani, Mr. Naran C Desai, Mr. Himat J. Doshi, Mr. Ghanashyam Binani, Mr. J. M Doshi, Mr. Kiran N Jhaveri and Mr. Chandrakant S. Desai.

Today, the All India Association of Industries (AIAI) is led by Mr. Vijay Kalantri as the President with Ms. Sangeeta Jain as the Senior Director

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