Certificate of Origin by Federation of Thai Industries

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is the primary organization for promoting cooperation in the Industrial sector among the private sector and public sector in Thailand and abroad. A private sector organization promoting and supporting Thai Industry with a focus on sustainable growth.Under the FTI Act of 1987, the FTI is empowered to perform the duty of representing the private sector within the Industrial sector of Thailand. FTI undertakes various activities and services for its members, including the issuance of Certificates of Origin (C/o) for products to be exported from Thailand.

It is often misunderstood that only the Board of Trade of Thailand may issue C/Os for Thai exporters. In fact there are two private sector organisations, the Board of Trade of Thailand and the F.T.I. are authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand to certify the origin of products exported from Thailand.  The translation copy of Ministry of Commerce’s letter regarding the issuance of C/Os.

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