Food Processing
  • Polish business leaders keen to partner with Indian firms “Poland is a strong economy in the European Union and it is getting stronger with every passing year. Polish business leaders are ...Click Here
  • States start distribution of pulses at reasonable prices Besides continuing enforcement measures to check hoarding of pulses, State Governments have taken proactive steps to make pulses available at reasonable prices. Distribution ...Click Here
  • India has moved with a great sense of priority and speed to turn India’s “Look East Policy” into an “Act East Policy”. ASEAN is at the core of India’s Act ...Click Here
  • Food Safety Standards Act 2006 has undergone a change since its enforcement on August 5, 2011 with a shift from ‘adulteration’ to ‘safety’. The Act has an educative approach with ...Click Here
  • India and Iran share a relationship which is age-old backed by strong cultural, social and economic ties. I am here as the Member of Parliament to support this strong bondage ...Click Here

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