Indo-Mauritius Chamber of Commerce (IMCC)

Indo-Mauritius Chamber of Commerce (IMCC) had been set up in 1999 by pioneering businessmen who saw the need to foster their interests through a collective and organized effort, so as to be in a better position to compete in the domestic as well as international markets.

The objectives of IMCC are to exchange Trade and Investment related information, to promote linkages and joint ventures, technology transfers and investment and to set up a Display Center in the Free Port Zone in Mauritius, which will act as a catalyst in achieving the goals.    This Display Center will not only facilitate trade between India and Mauritius but will also act as the gateway to Eastern and Southern Africa.

The cultural ties between India and Mauritius have been extremely strong however, there is a vast potential to strengthen the economic ties with Mauritius and the Indo-Mauritius Chamber of Commerce (IMCC) will endeavor towards fulfilling this goal.

The key role of IMCC is to explore the business opportunities between India and Mauritius.

We have support of partner country in the formation of this Chamber and blessings of High Commissioner and Consul General.

We have excellent rapport with the Maharashtra Government and other States and we are in a position to assist companies to do business between India and Mauritius and further act as a catalyst for export-import activities, technology transfers and joint ventures.

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