AIAI Welcomes Stable Government for Growth
May 16, 2014

AIAI Welcomes Stable Government for Growth

In view of the clear mandate given today in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, India seeks a stable government which is the dire need of the hour. People of India   have  en-mass  reposed  their  full confidence in the BJP Prime Ministerial  candidate Mr. Narendra Modi , said  Mr. Vijay Kalantri,  President of  All India Association of Industries (AIAI) . 

Mr. Kalantri said that the electoral verdict signals a clear mandate for development, employment and growth in Industry and manufacturing sector, which time and again Mr. Modi has assured the country. 

Mr. Kalantri further stated that in view of the slowdown in  the economy, slump in domestic and foreign investment as well as tapering of  flow of investment to overseas countries due to policy paralysis and non-transparency in policies which  the country has been witnessing ,  people from all walks of  life have  turned to BJP and  reposed their confidence in Modi. The Gujarat model of development, which brought in its wake enormous success has caught the imagination and   instilled hope in the people of this country that the Government led by Mr. Modi can bring about many good changes through good governance and transparency. 

Mr. Kalantri expressed hope that the new government would devote attention to the  implementation of GST, doing away with retrospective Tax, GAAR, more transparency in regard with coal, gas and mining linkages, infrastructure and promoting small -scale enterprises to generate employment and rationalization of tax-policy and multiple licenses and redundant laws.

May 16,  2014