AIAI Welcomes Surprise Win of Trump, Good for India
November 9, 2016

AIAI Welcomes Surprise Win of Trump, Good for India

AIAI Welcomes Surprise Win of Trump, Good for India

We congratulate Mr. Donald Trump, President Elect on his spectacular victory as the 45thPresident of the United States. The initial reaction on the election of Trump as President of USA may be a knee jerk to trade and industry but with time will stabilize opines Mr. Vijay Kalantri, President, All India Association of Industries (AIAI).

However his views on H1B visa needs to be reviewed as well the new President’s initial reactions to trade ties of the USA with India needs to closely watched if trade relations are not stabilized then it may adversely impact the Indian IT sector. But his statement that India is natural allies will positively  boost India and US relations to generate and protect  their employment and investment opportunities  making it imperative  that both countries work  closely to safeguard bilateral relations as the US is one of India’s major trading and investment partners stressed Mr. Kalantri

We also compliment Mr. Trump on his  statement “We will work with the country which is willing to work with us, improve infrastructure, cities and double the growth which will give more trade and employment opportunities for one an all.”

Mr. Kalantri further said that on the political front Mr. Donald Trump may be an aggressive ally to exterminating terrorism as it is understood that the President Elect may support India in its fight against terrorism at local and international fora.

 His motto to serve the nation and serve the people will go a long way in building US.

 We at the AIAI wish Mr. Donald Trump all success and do hope India US ties improve.