AIAI’s  welcome increase in load capacity for heavy vehicles  
July 17, 2018

AIAI’s  welcome increase in load capacity for heavy vehicles  

We welcome the decision of the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways to increase the capacity of heavy vehicles by 20 – 25% and also scraping the mandatory annual renewal of fitness certificates for freight carriers which will go a long way in movements of cargo with added capacity and reduce cost said Mr. Vijay Kalantri, President, All India Association of Industries (AIAI). 

AIAI feels the overloading capacity will come down, this order will help to do away with the bottlenecks in smooth movements of cargo due to various rules and regulations,  as it is there at times was overloading of vehicles  as they had capacities but  this decision will bring the norms and system in place added Mr. Kalantri. 

AIAI further feels GST which is 28% on purchase of various vehicles, tyres and autoparts should be reduced to 12% and the CESS on petrol and diesel which is Rs. 8/- should be brought back to Rs. 2/- . As  Central and State Government taxes on diesel and petrol have gone up  and if brought down will bring in the much needed competitiveness and reduction in cost of cargo.