Celebrating the True Spirit of Womanhood at World Trade Centre Mumbai
April 10, 2016

Celebrating the True Spirit of Womanhood at World Trade Centre Mumbai

Celebrating the True Spirit of Womanhood at World Trade Centre Mumbai

“Against all odds, women have risen up and come to the mainstream and have contributed immensely to society. Fifty per cent of India’s population comprises women and if India is to be a superpower, it is only possible, if their involvement and engagement in various walks of life are promoted. More importantly, we must empower our less priviledged sisters in the society”, said the Honourable Pankaja Munde, Minister of Rural Development Women and Child Welfare Government of Maharashtra at an event organised by World Trade Centre (WTC) Mumbai, All India Association of Industries Women Entrepreneurs Council (AIAIWEC) and the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce (IFCCI) to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2016 at the World Trade Centre Mumbai with the theme, ‘FELICE….celebrating the elegance of womanhood’.

As a token of our support to the cause of ‘Save the Girl Child’, the World Trade Centre Mumbai presented a poem titled ‘Haak’ (in Marathi implying ‘call for action’) to the Honourable Minister. The poem was composed and recited by Ms. Gauri Prabhu.

From (L to R): Ms. Gauri Prabhu, from World Trade Centre Mumbai & Honorable Pankaja Munde, Minister of Rural Development Women and Child Welfare, Government of Maharashtra

On the occasion, Ms Laura Prasad, Secretary General, Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) highlighted the importance of observing the day. She said that it is important for all women across cultures and in this case from France and India to connect, get empowered for the betterment of women’s lives personally and professionally.

Ms. Rupa Naik, Executive Director, All India Association of Industries and  Director-Projects, World Trade Centre Mumbai while addressing the august gathering of women from all walks of life, said, International Women’s Day is all about celebration of various shades, expressions, and moods of women’s creativity and their contribution to enrich, empower and enliven women’s lives all over the world.  She further remarked that creativity knows no boundaries; the event aims to reflect on progress made by women, to call for change and to accelerate the extraordinary talent which have transformed their lives and in journey have enriched the lives of millions.

A spellbound musical performance by Ms. Sunita Bhuyan, a well acclaimed violinist, Ms. Merlin Dsouza, pianist and Ms. Swarupa, percussionist signifying ‘3E’ which stands for empower, enable, enrich, enthralled the audience who were swaying and tapping to the beats of the music.

The event was marked by knowledge sessions on finance, yoga and an extravaganza featuring dance sequences and music performances by renowned artists. ‘Shakti Cult’ a Bharatnatyam classical dance was put together by Ms. Revathi Srinivasraghavan, Founder and Director, Nrityaranjani Fine Arts Academy and her disciples, representing the Bhakti movement. The dance depicted the goddess blessings and imparting of tolerant qualities along with the compassion of motherhood. The students of Ms. Debi Basu presented ‘Ardhanariswar’ an Odissi performance celebrating the one-ness of the masculine and the feminine – of creation and destruction, of beauty of the natural world or prakriti and the objectivity and abstraction of Purusha (meaning the cosmic man or self)

A remedy to attain true happiness was revealed by Ms. Reena Doshi, a noted yoga instructor through her lecture on the holistic approach to wellness by means of yoga and teachings from Indian scriptures.

For empowering and guiding women towards financial security, Ms. Masarrat Fakih, Allegiance Advisors Pvt Ltd, an expert on financial planning and investments presented the means to achieve it in her talk on investments.

From (L to R): Ms. Swarupa – Percussionist, Ms. Sunita Bhuyan – Violinist & Ms. Merlin Dsouza -Pianist.