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“Infrastructure forms the building block of a developing economy. The city of Barcelona holds a competitive edge in the sectors of water management, waste management and port development. We have undertaken the task of developing the infrastructural status of Hong Kong, Florida, Miami among others. We intend to[…]

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January 18, 2014
Dr. Liu Youfa addresses the Indo-Chinese trade imbalance

“The Indo-Chinese bilateral trade is said to be biased in favour of China. It is crucial to note here that 80% of this bilateral trade happens through transnational companies and cannot be addressed as Indo-Chinese trade imbalance. However, in order to address this imbalance it is vital that[…]

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Australia seeks to deepen economic and trade linkages with India says Hon’ble Barry O’ Farrell

“Australia looks forward to deepening its historic ties with India. We have signed six agreements of cooperation in the areas of agriculture, water management, waste management, health, culture and promotion of young ladies exchange program with the Government of Maharashtra to further economic cooperation between the two nations”,[…]

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