States start distribution of pulses at reasonable prices

States start distribution of pulses at reasonable prices

States start distribution of pulses at reasonable prices

Besides continuing enforcement measures to check hoarding of pulses, State Governments have taken proactive steps to make pulses available at reasonable prices. Distribution of pulses, especially of Tur dal has been taken up by a number of States. The Center had asked the States to have meeting with millers, wholesalers and retailers in their area to make pulses available in retail markets at reasonable prices.

As per reports received, in Gujarat Millers have agreed to supply Tur dal at Rs. 135/kg, wholesalers will charge 1% commission and retailers will sell it at Rs. 140 per kg.

In the State of Jharkhand, in a meeting with Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce, Tur rates have been fixed as Rs 140/Kg for wholesale and Rs 145/kg for retails.

In Chhattisgarh, one to two kg of Tur is being distributed at Rs. 120-140 per kg in 17 districts through 150 outlets.

In Uttarakhand Tur dal is being supplied in Dehradun, Haridwar, Udhamsing Nagar at Rs. 145 per kg. Instructions have been given to start distribution in others districts also through Fair Price Shops (PDS).

Some States have already taken up distribution of pulses through their PDS outlets. Both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana 1 kg of Tur dal is being distributed at Rs. 50 per kg for BPL, AAY families.

While In Tamil Nadu 1 kg of Urad and 1 kg of Lentils (Canadian) being distributed at Rs. 30 per kg for all.

In Haryana, under Dal Roti scheme, 2 ½ Kg Chana is being provided for BPL/AAY. The State Government has directed HAFED to procure pulses from the market and sell at Rs. 50/kg through its 70 to 80 centers.

In Himachal, Chana and Masoor are being sold at Rs 50 /kg through PDS outlets.

These initiatives by States will help in keeping prices of pulses at affordable rates.