War is not a solution to peace and prosperity.  Israel and Palestine must come to peace.
October 9, 2023

War is not a solution to peace and prosperity.  Israel and Palestine must come to peace.

The eruption of conflict between Israel and Palestine a couple of days ago, following the sudden escalation of hostilities, has added to the concerns of the peaceful economies like India. All India Association of Industries (AIAI)  joins the world in seeking a halt of the war and return back to negotiating table through diplomatic the route.

Dr. Vijay Kalantri, President of All India Association of Industries  (AIAI) and Chairman of MVIRDC World Trade Center, Mumbai while expressing his worry stated that War is not a solution to achieve political, religious and territorial goals. It will only cause destruction everywhere losing investment and people. The world is already under recession facing stagnation of growth across economies under the conflict between Russia and Ukraine since more than a year. Another war, that too in the politically sensitive and fragile region like the Middle East will push the entire Global South into economic and existential crisis. We cannot afford this. This must be stopped.

Dr. Kalantri, also reiterated that Terrorism is the enemy of humanity and should be denied by all for peaceful coexistence. With this new challenge, there will be serious setback for international business with this region. This war must not be supported either openly or discretely by other nations in any manner. The proposed India Middle East Economic Corridor (IMEC) signed among the G20 nations recently, will be affected badly. Development alone is the path to peace and prosperity.

India stands with Israel at this moment of crisis and appeals to the aggressors who began this conflict to come to terms with reality and install peace for the sake of innocent civilians, and not damage national property and push the region into grave situation. Diplomatic initiatives alone will solve the problem and bring peace across the world.

All India Association of Industries, stands with peace and coexistence of Industry, Economy and people across the world.