AIAI & MVIRDC WTC Mumbai pays homage to  Mr. Kamal Morarka
January 15, 2022

AIAI & MVIRDC WTC Mumbai pays homage to  Mr. Kamal Morarka

On the occasion of the first death anniversary of Mr. Kamal Morarka (1946- 2021), All India Association of Industries with MVIRDC World Trade Center  Mumbai paid rich tribute to this visionary leader who was also the longest-serving chairman of the WTC (from 1993-2021). Mr. Morarka left for the heavenly abode  on January 15, 2021.

Paying homage to the past chairman, Dr. Vijay Kalantri,President,All India  Association of Industries, Chairman, MVIRDC World Trade Center Mumbai  remarked, “Mr. Morarka belongs to the rare breed of leaders who continues to  inspire us through his visionary thoughts, impeccable character and tireless effort  for the betterment of the society. The best way to pay tribute to this extraordinary  person is by reaffirming our commitment to further his vision for this  organization.”

Remembering his close association with Mr. Morarka, Dr. Kalantri pointed out,  “During my long professional association with Kamalji, I have cherished several  fond memories that I will treasure through my lifetime. Life’s journey gets  accomplished when one has a friend such as Kamalji who consciously stands by  you in the midst of trying times, no matter what; and his selfless insight has  propelled me to put the best foot forward at all times.”

 Dr. alantri further added, “Mr. Morarka’s conviction in sustainable development  serves as an exemplary model for adoption by all the philanthropists. M.R.  Morarka GDC Rural Research Foundation piloted an extraordinary organic  farming revolution that touched the lives of thousands of farmers in his  hometown, the Nawalgarh block of Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan.”

Remembering Shri. Kamal Morarka, Former Chairman of MVIRDC World Trade Center  Mumbai on his first death anniversary. He was a true visionary, our guiding force, and a  great supporter of World Trade Center Movement in India.

(L-R)- Dr.Pratik Kanakia, Committee Member, All India Association of Industries, Member of the Council of Management, MVIRDC WTC, Mumbai, Dr. Vijay Kalantri, President, All  India Association of Industries, Chairman,
MVIRDC WTC Mumbai and Mr. Ajoykant  Ruia Vice Chairman, MVIRDC World Trade Center Mumbai.