BRICS Gather Strength by the joining of 5 New Members
August 25, 2023

BRICS Gather Strength by the joining of 5 New Members

Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and UAE have joined the BRICS Union yesterday 24 th  August, during the 15th BRICS Summit held at Johannesburg. With these new admissions, BRICS has grown to  10 members organization. More nations are willing to join that will be decided in forthcoming meetings.

Our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi was the first to propose the BRICS expansion. While welcoming the new members he expressed happiness over these new members joining said, ‘They will strengthen BRICS as an organization further, and give a new impetus to all our common endeavors’.

All India Association of Industries (AIAI) welcomes this development. Expressing his enthusiasm, Dr. Vijay Kalantri, President of AIAI said ‘BRICS will grow stronger as a force to counter the Bipolar and Hegemonic Geopolitics, hitherto run by few Western powers like USA and Europe, UK, Canada as an exclusive club of nations to control world trade’. He further said ‘BRICS will be boost the  Multipolar system and neutralize monopolistic influences in the world geopolitics and trade.

The BRICS Summit at South Africa had also taken crucial decisions to widen the scope of cooperation between member nations in many important areas like Agriculture, Food Security, Technology, Poverty alleviation, Innovation, Startups, Skill Development, Traditional Medicines, Joint Space Missions, Women Empowerment, Cultural cooperation, Tourism and so forth.

AIAI, foresee great potential to MSME to expand in these new markets through BRICS. India enjoys strong and cordial relations with all these new members which will help the Indian industry to tap into these lucrative and sustainable markets.  We send our best wishes to these new members and look forward to exciting times ahead.