Empowering Women via 33% Reservation is Welcome Step
September 25, 2023

Empowering Women via 33% Reservation is Welcome Step

The long awaited and historic Naari Shakthi Vandhan Adhiiyam was unanimously passed by the Lok Sabha on the auspicious day of  Ganesh chathurthi, 19 th  September 2023, is a big social reform by the Government that is welcomed by all.  This bill was pending for decades that has finally been implemented with no opposition at all. This is a great achievement in the Indian political society.

All India Association of Industries (AIAI) heartily welcomes this Bill that will encourage women to participate in the mainstream of Indian economy and social life meaningfully.  While welcoming this initiative Dr. Vijay Kalantri, President – All India Association of Industries (AIAI) and Chairman, MVIRDC WTC Mumbai said, Women were for very long treated as an inferior gender meant to look after households and children while men took the front stage. This will change now as women can take major part in the decision making, law making, law enforcing, entrepreneurship, politics, governance and more.  He further elaborated that women are the best multi taskers in the society, home and at workplace.

Women are already excelling in all the areas like education, healthcare, employment, industry, startups, unicorns, innovation, research, space, defense and many more. With this bill passed, they will get mandatory powers to exercise their right faster and effectively.

Dr. Kalantri reiterated that the society, industry, community should come forward and accept this change happily and give full support to women, girl children to co create a robust and powerful economy and society.  He said, AIAI has been working relentlessly for several decades since 1956, giving prominence to women empowerment, education, employment, and entrepreneurship that will get further boost under this bill.

AIAI, look forward to mentoring women, girl children to become educated, self-reliant and successful in life. We expect the State Governments to implement this bill holistically in their respective states so that we can together build a great nation.